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The rise of mobility has dramatically changed consumer expectations and behaviours. Consumers are now connected via personal devices 24/7 – driving the expectation that anything we want or need should be immediately available at our fingertips. Gone are the days of researching an upcoming purchase over an extended period of time. Today these decisions are made within seconds, proving that where we are and what we’re doing often drive our needs.


To fully leverage these intent-rich moments, marketers must have the ability to match customer data to the correct location context with speed and precision. xAd’s MarketPlace is the world’s first and only transparent, real-time self-serve marketing platform that does this. By using MarketPlace, marketers can finally break the boundaries between online and offline marketing and reach consumers in the moments that matter, fostering online discovery with offline action.


Find Your Audience & Boost Brand Awareness

Find the Right Audiences Based on the Places They Go

For years we’ve been targeting consumers based on assumptions. But if there’s one thing we know, it’s that human nature is unpredictable. So why do we target people based on what we think they’ll do or where we think they’ll be?

xAd enables marketers to reach the right people in real places in real time. xAd’s platform combines real-time location data and accurate places to influence where people will actually go next with precision, scale and confidence.


Drive Store Visits & Sales

Use Actionable Insights, Accurate Targeting and Precise Measurement

xAd uses location-based insights to create more relevant, effective messages, delivered at the right point across the path to purchase. Reach the right people with precision and see whether the person who viewed your ad visits your store and converts into a customer.

Say goodbye to counting impressions and clicks. Now, you can measure advertising effectiveness in visits and sales.

Integrate Location Performance Programmatically

Optimise Location in Real Time

xAd provides both turnkey and custom location-based inventory via our programmatic offering. xAd’s open exchange offering delivers access to large-scale, location-verified mobile audiences via our mobile marketplace partners. Marketers can also develop a premium location strategy by utilising xAd’s private marketplace, which incorporates predefined location categories or custom location packages.

By leveraging real-time insights from xAd’s location marketplace, our brand partners are able to reach relevant audiences with accuracy and scale.

Amplify Your Media Buys

Bolster Traditional Media Buys With Location

xAd works with major media organisations to help augment traditional advertising offerings with location-based marketing.

xAd’s partnership programme combines our location expertise with our partners’ deep channel knowledge to create a cross-channel media offering, powered by xAd’s location marketplace. By partnering with xAd, media organisations are able to leverage their unique place and/or audience insights to build a custom mobile solution that amplifies their existing offerings.

Monetise Your Mobile Properties